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Well, I make 100% of my income from selling crafted items on the GTN and I think this a great change. A lil competition in the market helps keeps prices lower so more of the player base can afford to gear up how they'd like. And btw, this hurts armstech a lot more than artifice. Not much we can make that ppl can't get elsewhere and now we have to share it with cybers and artificers ... expect your schematics to depreciate in value - remember new tiers of gear will show up periodically. Price your columi/rakata/campaign items competitively and you will have no trouble selling them. Get used to a lower profit margin on this stuff, it happens.
You misunderstand totally. This has nothing to do with columi/rakata/campaign or any endgame gear. Nor does it harm Armstech, quite the contrary it will increase their barrel sales. Nor will competitive pricing help generate sales when total sales are at zero. I didn't think it was needed, but let me explain:

Offhands used to have set stats, and were not modifiable. When you outleveled the stats you would purchase a new one. This continues until you reach endgame and crafters were then largely taken out of the equation. With 1.4 offhand items that can be modded now drop as loot. You can pick one of these up at level 10 and never need to purchase another again. Instead everyone will turn to Armstech for hilts, Cybertech for armorning and mods, Artifice provides the enhancements, and the usual variety provides the augments.

There was plenty of competition and reasonably priced offhands before this change on our server, sometimes cheaper than the purchase prices of the crafting mats.
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