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The last paragraph on the original post mentions this problem. It was brought up yesterday.

I'm looking forward to hear Konstance's solution. Make sure it envolves me ending up in your team =). By the way, I saw you in the fleet yesterday night, but you weren't doing ranked wzs were you?

I think in the end we will be able to organize it in a fair way. If nothing works, we can always quit the match when either team realizes it's off balance - as long as both team's are aware of the problem, it shouldn't be an issue (maybe we could come up with a protocol to introduce each team - naming guild and top players, average gear, something quick before battle starts).

I just hope that we DO try to figure out a way to make it work, instead of not doing ranked WZ at all or only doing rwz with teams from the same faction.

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i heard that the teams were dead even in a RWZ Voidstar with each teams having people in recruit and battlemaster gear.
RayGon, the second link above is from that match (here). Yeah, best match of the night for sure, very balanced teams, lots of healing for both sides. We lost that one but it was really fun and really close.