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09.28.2012 , 02:57 PM | #118
You are having a very difficult time keeping people involved in the game, and your promises keep falling short.

You said TfB would not drop any new gear, but would help bridge the gap to get people into BH gear faster. That is a lie.

SM EC Did not need to be nerfed.

Give people a reason to DO SM EC and TfB, and you buy yourselves a bit more time before the ************ hits a cataclysm. Who cares that we can get BH coms in SM, especially considering The ridiculous new pricing introduced.

I didn't mind doing SM operations, as it gave me something to do with my guildmates, but now there is hardly any reason whatsoever to do them.

With EV/KP it was not a big deal, because you had Nightmare mode, now you can't even introduce this in a timely fashion.

I love this game, but you keep making really poor decisions, and pushing people that really don't want to quit to want to quit.