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I'm sure it was and still is intended for Nightmare EC. Typically the Nightmare modes of the one before give what the new normals give. This only proves the point that this was planned.
No, NiMEC was originally supposed to drop a complete new set of gear that was a tier above HMEC. This is what we were promised way back in March (Feb maybe, idk). NiMEC never came out though, so they instead split that set between HMTFB and NiMEC (when it does eventually come out).

IIRC, the original plan was to turn Normal mode into story and remove it from the gear progression. Then they were going to have all Ops have both a HM and NiM, each dropping different gear. For example, EC was supposed to drop "Campaign" and "Denova" gear in HM/NiM respectively, and then TFB would drop "Dread Guard" and "Astation" on HM/NiM (Astation is a made up placeholder name).

The problem is that NiMEC never came out, so everything got screwed up. NiMEC was supposed to come out "soon" after HMEC, not 6+ months later, after the next raid was already out.