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And that's where we are today. Now The Casuals can experience all of that wonderful content. If you're still complaining, then it's about the loot. If you want the loot, then rise to the challenge and/or put the work in.
Actually, we're not there. Not all the Story Mode raids are in the Group Finder or targeted towards non-progression players. Further, if it's going to be pointless to gear progression, then it really needs to have a steep decrease in difficulty. Groups you get via group finder are an odd bunch. I've had at least ten occasions now where my DPS Sage has had more Health than the Tank.

I don't mind having Story Mode not give out the best loot. Loot isn't why I play. Further, the game gives non-progression minded folks a means to get decent gear anyway (Hence why I often outgear tanks). But I would like to see story mode move to a place where if I get a newbie tank who needs to learn or a healer who hasn't learned to manage power, I don't waste a night.