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Not anywhere I saw. And I've ran TFB SM, and theres no way a full un modded no augmented columi group is going to clear that. Would love to see that fraps video. The last boss is way too healer intesive to keep people up in just columi
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We do have plans to make more Operations available in the group finder in the future, but (as others have mentioned) we do want to avoid sending groups into content that might be too challenging (due to the players being undergeared or less organized). This recent post in response to whether Terror from Beyond would be in the Group Finder has some relevant info:
Story Mode Explosive Conflict and Terror from Beyond are balanced for players in Columi gear, but we currently have no way to enforce or communicate the recommended power level. This could cause frustration for players who are undergeared, and would bog down the process of getting into the content, which is contrary to the purpose of the tool. Introducing either Op into the Group Finder would also mean rotating out Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace, so we want to make sure the timing and the rewards are right before we do this.
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No, you arent, you are supposed to access it in Rakata and progress getting the BH/Campaign gear until you have enough gear to down Kephess. That is how progression works. Guilds weren't doing it in full Rakata. Please show me proof of the statement. Guilds don't even take new people into this without the members having at least half 146 gear already. You make a statement, I raid weekly and I know what our guild brings through. We have had EC HM on farm for a while.
Guild on my old server downed Kephess on HM the first week the instance came out. That's them doing in in full Rakata. They all unsubbed the following week because they thought it was too easy (the content). So, you're wrong.

I agree in your idea of progression. I believe that to be the final boss of a raid, or the final few, you should have to get the gear from the earlier bosses, but that's not how SWTOR works. You can completely clear a HM operation w/out getting a single piece of loot.

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How do you get gear for the first hard mode then? Please explain. Previously it was get the gear from the story modes and progress into hard modes. Now that progression has been removed. Please explain with that progression gone how it is meant to be done? K thanks.
No, you never HAD to do story modes to get the gear to do HM's. You could have done HM Flashpoints, got all of your Columi there, and then gone straight into HM EV/KP to get Rakata. I'm sorry, but do you think about what your'e saying because I can't believe you completely miss that. SM EV/KP drop the exact same gear minus weapons, that you can get from HM FP's. That's how you can progress w/out doing story modes.

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True, BiS people would. You don't need BiS to complete the content. 55 coms a week is a piece of bh gear a week Plus if you are lucky/good enough to get the gear drops. 12 items at 35-60 coms each. With the progression removed will take much longer than 2 months. And NO ONE outside of the hardest of gamers are going to run EVERY daily and EVERY weekly. So, even if your figures are right, that is someone who does nothing but plays swtor every day for about 4-8 hours a day. Yeah, that is feasible.
What? What are you talking about? It's 2 months for Earpiece, Implantsx2, Bracers, Belt, Headpiece, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots. Are you talking about relics too? You do know those relics are pretty much trash right?

Here's the other thing though, you complain that you can't gear from SM's for BH gear, but you do realize that you can do HM EC and HM TFB for the gear, or do all the dailies and weeklys. Two viable ways that you can do both or only one, and yet you keep complaining that you can't do super-easy-mode SM EC that takes 1.5 hours in a pug group. Really?

Plus "4-8 hours a day"? Lol. HM FP's take anywhere from 30 minutes (HM BT) to maybe an hour. Where's the other 3-7 hours? Rofl.

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Story modes are gated, you've provided no proof that TFB is can be downed in un modded columi, and no one has posted it. It is at minimum a mix of Rakta, with a smattering of columi.
I just proved it with a developer's post. I think I win on this one. Plus, I like how you throw in "un modded Columi". You don't mod gear from anything operation-related. So you could mod all of your columi gear with MK-6 items to help you out. Choosing not to is your problem, not the games.

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So, if your last statement is spot on. What is the progression to be able to raid? I mean in hard modes? From every thing you said? Dailies. No thank you. I want to raid to progress. Not run dailies until I can get into hard modes. That isnt progression, it is a growth stunt to make you grind out dailies.
Let me explain it again:
1) Get to lvl 50
2) Do regular lvl 50 FP's to get some better than starting lvl 50 gear
3) Do HM FP's to get Columi gear. You don't want to do HM FP's, then do SM EV/KP to get Columi,
4) Do HM EV/KP to get Rakata. Or you can do SM EC/TFB (Please notice in the patch 1.4 notes that SM EC was really nerfed).
5) Do HM EC/TFB.

So, you can get from 1 --> 5 without doing a single story mode. Got it?