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09.28.2012 , 02:01 PM | #112
Another poor decision from EA. Who cares if you get some BH comms for doing SM EC or SM TFB. Is it really hurting anyone to have more geared players available to help with harder content? Columi should be dropped or given away for free like Recruit because it is just as helpful in PVE as recruit is in PVP. Let the bosses in EC/TFB drop 2 BH comms each. You CAN'T farm something that you're only able to do one time a week. Did bioware remove the lockout from this and I didn't know about it?

HEY BIOWARE! Doubt you're listening.. but way to give the players what they want again.. /sarcasm

At this rate I see no point in doing EC or TFB story mode.. and good luck clearing hardmode in just rakata. Better hope everyone is an allstar at their class.