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Not anywhere I saw. And I've ran TFB SM, and theres no way a full un modded no augmented columi group is going to clear that. Would love to see that fraps video. The last boss is way too healer intesive to keep people up in just columi
For what it is worth I believe this is the post being referenced, but that doesn't make you wrong it just means this is what the devs have said they intend, be that the reality or not.
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I asked Jesse Sky (Lead Flashpoints and Operations Designer) about when players can expect to see Terror from Beyond and Explosive Conflict in the Group Finder. He said it's definitely something we're planning to do, but had some information about why they aren't in quite yet:

Story Mode Explosive Conflict and Terror from Beyond are balanced for players in Columi gear, but we currently have no way to enforce or communicate the recommended power level. This could cause frustration for players who are undergeared, and would bog down the process of getting into the content, which is contrary to the purpose of the tool. Introducing either Op into the Group Finder would also mean rotating out Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace, so we want to make sure the timing and the rewards are right before we do this.