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Mode is not a Republic guild. We are a Empire guild and we are up to Operator IX on 8 man Hardmode.

Guild Website: N/A. Using Google Calender to start setting raids.
What we cover : We are PVE focused guild working on moving through the content as quick as we can. PVP happens sometimes but is not our focus. We plan on progressing through TfB in preparations for Nightmare EC and anything else this game has to offer in the future. We are always looking for exceptional players to join our guild. Gear is never a problem but we expect for players to do everything they can in their own time before we give them our time (Augmenting, Data Crons, and BH Gear).
Guild Master: Aroclol
Guild Officers: U'somadbro, Markanthony, Frostos
Voice Comms (Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo): Mumble
Operation Days/Times: Most of our raids start around 630 Server Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon. We don't raid every day we just use those days as days we can raid and work it out with our groups and set times when to be on. Check Google Calender or Guild Message of the Day and you will know when we plan to raid.
Operation Progression: 4/4 EC HM, 4/5 TfB HM
Recruiting (Yes/No): Yes
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): We are currently recruiting all classes and roles. We are very close to having a second 8 man group, so we are working on building one up while strengthening our 1st group. Even if recruitment is Low we are always looking for quality players so do not hesitate to inquire about our guild. High= Immediate Need, Medium= Have some but could always use more, Low= Don't necessarily need but we are willing to discuss and consider it.
Juggernaut Tank- High
Juggernaut DPS- Medium (Must work on/ have offset)
Marauder - Low
Sorcerer Heals- Low
Sorcerer DPS- Medium (Must work on/ have offset)
Assassin Tank- High
Assassin DPS- Medium (Must work on/ have offset)
Operative DPS- Low (Must work on/ have offset)
Operative Heals- Medium
Sniper - Medium
Mercenary DPS- Medium
Mercenary Heals- Medium
Powertech Tank- High
Powertech DPS- High (Must work on/ have offset)

About Us/Description/Info: Our focus is on PVE, but we do have a good time while we raid. We don't want to be overly serious but we want to push the content and enjoy our time playing the game. If you're interested come and have a chat with us and you will understand how we operate and the ways we enjoy the game. Most important thing to remember when looking to join our guild..... DON'T SUCK!