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I find it funny that I do get what you are saying, but you are failing to realize you can't run EC or TFB story mode in columi which defeats the purpose of saying it is only for content and story. You have to have Rakata plus to do either of those. No longer makes your statements true when put under an honest light.
Didn't BW say you were supposed to be able to complete TFB and EC in Columi level gear? If they believe that then you're wrong and my statement stands true.

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EC SM should provide bh comms to provide you a way to run EC HM, or EV or KP HM should provide BH comms to run EC HM
You're supposed to be able to beat EC HM while wearing Rakata gear. Guilds were doing it in full Rakata. It wasn't balanced for wearing full BH gear that was fully augmented and EC HM has gotten easier since it was first released. So getting bh comms from SM is over-gearing for the HM you are trying to do.

Quote: Originally Posted by yoshua View Post progression is broken. I find it funny that you made an entire post and didnt realize this. So now that we are all laughing can we get back on topic on how progression is currently broken and we would like someone from Bioware to explain what they believe the current progression is?
Once again, you're wrong. You should't need to do Story Modes to complete Hard Modes. That's not how they have been stating progression has to be. You can do HM FP's to get gear (Columi) for HM EV/KP or SM EC/TFB (which require Rakata). You can then get gear from those (Rakata) to complete HM EC/TFB (BH, Campaign, and Dread Guard).

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Doing dailies for 3 months to get black hole gear to progress in raids is not progression.
Hate to break it to you, but for BiS progression people would have to run HM TFB for a few months just to farm all the multiple tokens they'll need to BiS their gear so it's the same thing. And if you're just talking about non-mod-switched BH gear, that's something like 440 BH Comms (give or take a few). If you did every daily/weekly outside of HM EC and HM TFB, you get something like 55 comms a week? That's 8 weeks, which is just shy of 2 months. And 2 months of grinding to get gear is about the average for what raiders would do (if not longer).

Please review what I said and put some thought into your response because your post was basically wrong. I do understand the side point people are making in that why should any of the story modes have gated content. But we seem to accept that you need some gear when hitting 50 before you should do SM EV/KP so why shouldn't there be some gear between SM EV/KP and SM EC/TFB? If not, then you might as well allow a character when he/she turns 50 to zone into some version of each operation and solo all the content by giving them godmode with no gear dropping just so they can see all the content. But are any of you really asking for that? I believe BW is just trying to make an easier version of the carrot-stick for those that still want to hop on the ol' hamster wheel but not have to try as hard.

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More BH for doing a single act isnt the solution, we already get bh from hm ec from the bosses. Spreading out the amount of work to be done for BH is the solution which is why tier 2 ops story modes should drop a small amount of black hole comms to help progress to actually doing tier 2 hard modes.

That way you have the ability to get more for doing more work, not get more for doing less work.
They're trying to make it that you don't have to do any SM Operations to progress to Hardmode. Basically, for those who want to do HM's they shouldn't have to do both SM and HM for the fastest gear progression. And for those that don't like the challenge of HM's but want to be able to kill Big Bosses they can do so w/out ever having to step in a Hardmore. Got it?