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Seriously? Guilds which had this encounter on farm GAVE UP when faced with these new changes?

We haven't even beaten the encounter: we came back in here to try to get our first kill, and ran into the new mechanics. It took us about 3 attempts to work out a reasonable strat, at which point we stopped wiping on this phase and continued to try to finish the encounter.

Tank+sentinel on 1: no calibrations get off ever.
Three dps on 2: no calibrations get off ever, and they move over to 3 when theirs is dead.
Tank on 3: 2-4 calibrations on this one, depending on how the tank+healer combo was doing on interrupts, before the three dps move over and destroy it.
I think we gave up because we just don't care anymore. These changes should have been posted. If it's a new NM mechanic then it should have been posted. If it's a mistake and it's the 16 man mechanic in 8 man then it should have been posted. Why change an op that has been the same way if a NM version is coming soon? We all play other games too. We spent a month trying to take him down and the change just made us not care. I logged and played Borderlands.