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Not sure if this was meant sarcastically...but I hope so.

I pretty much never PvP, since I don't really enjoy it. But almost everybody I know in game agrees that PvPing makes players BETTER in PvE (although you PvPers love your knockbacks a bit too much!) And except for LI, those HM FPs and SM ops available in the LFG can be completed easily by people wearing level 49 blues so PvP gear would be fine.

Besides, most PvP players keep their PvE gear on hand so they can change into it immediately.
you are so wrong about pvp making better pvers that i just had to respond.

the opposite is true as pvp attracts the unguided solo minded players in these games that go off and do what ever they want. when ever you have a mini game like pvp whose reward system benefits those that go off and do their own thing then getting rewarded on LOSING you can NOT make better players in a system whose reward system is based on team work and WINNING. better players are better players and one doesnt make the other. pvp is nothing more than a means for terrible players to get end game gear through dying over and over. this is why it is so popular and why pvpers make so many threads about imbalance issues and the such. it is never them that is at fault but the game. pvp as it is currently being implemented in wow clone mmos is contributing absolutely nothing constructive to the mmo genre. it is doing just the opposite and being rather destructive.

i was rather surprised this game allowed keeping your queue while in a war zone as other mmos would kick you from it like this game is now changing to. if it was done at the beginning there wouldn't be a thread about this nonsense.