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You're missing the point and not understanding the reasoning they keep saying as to why they are separating SM from HM/NiM.
I don't disagree that is what they are 'saying'. I'm merely saying that if they really wanted to separate them they would have them share a lockout and you could do A (story time) or B (progression time). Perhaps a better option is to just remove the loot, lockout, and further reduce the difficulty of story time so that people who want to expericent the story can do that.

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Back in the old days of raiding there wasn't an easy and a hard mode. There was just one mode, and it was challenging. In fact, in Vanilla WoW before it's first expansion there was a raid called Naxxramus. There was a large % of the population very upset that they couldn't complete the raid (we'll call them The Casuals). So those who did complete it or were trying to and accepted the way things were (we'll call them The Hardcore) told The Casuals that they had to work at it. "If you wanted to see the ending to the game you had to master the levels to it."
I remember them well and I think the rumblings of "I can't do naxx?" were very minimal. It was understood that Naxx was a tough place to be and 40 people geared and attuned people were hard to find. I think Blizz said 7% of people saw it the first time around which is why the content was recycled.

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The common response from The Casuals was, "I pay the same amount of money as The Hardcore. It's not fair I don't get to see all the content! I'm not after the loot, but I deserve to see all of this work that Blizzard employees are putting into stuff that I pay for."

And that's where we are today. Now The Casuals can experience all of that wonderful content. If you're still complaining, then it's about the loot. If you want the loot, then rise to the challenge and/or put the work in.
I think that the casuals would then side with my above idea and i think that should satisfy both them and the 'hardcore' that are left in the game. Furthermore I think that following the 'story time' model, TFB (as well as EC) should be accessable on the same difficulty level as EV/KP in that it requires only Tionese to complete and drops Columi. I mean if we are going to say these people are just here for the 'story' then why are we gating their content based on gear anyway?