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"Added it"? Isn't this the weekly quest that if you progressed a certain distance in the operation (be it story mode, hard more, or nightmare mode) you would complete the quest and get BH comms?

If so, that's always been there so there was nothing to add. The only thing different in 1.4 is you made it easier to complete by making it the Tanks instead of the Colonel to complete the quest and through in some Daily comms I think. Still, you didn't add BM comms as a reward, you may have just changed the qty.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

It use the BE the forth boss on any mode for 6 coms i think so were was it added like youn said , hes mistaken in saying that, it shows he acttly knows nothing about the game we thought he did and was prolly to told to say that not thinking ......