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09.28.2012 , 12:22 PM | #88
I find it a contradicting and mind boggling choice... First you want to make end game content available for non "raiders", thus the black hole weeklies, the daily random HM, etc. It was stated before that you wanted to give players alternative things to do and enjoy themselves in endgame pve. Story mode doesn't give any "progression" at all, and it's enjoyable for the story (once or twice). Then you remove black hole commendations and you make mandatory doing hard modes?

You really have to get a clue on WHICH your objectives are. This really sounds like BAD planning.

[Edit: just not to sound like a pissed off customer: I couldn't care less for ME, I've got full min maxed bh/campaign gear, we clear EC HM and we'll move to TFB soon. I'm a raider (though perhaps not a hardcore one) and I don't care if other people get endgame gear through other means as well, more power to them and everybody is happy]