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09.28.2012 , 12:06 PM | #84
I find it funny that no one gets the big picture:
- Story mode is to experience the story and taste the content.
- Hard mode is for the actual challenge of raiding.

You don't need fantastic gear to experience the story. If you want to get the best gear, then set foot in the hardest content. Or grind out the extra hours by doing daily HM's every day and the weekly missions to get your BH year. You can still make over 50 BH comms a week w/out setting foot in a HM if you really want to gear progress. But running around in SM EC where it just got nerfed even more-so to spend 1.5-2 hrs a week to add an extra 20 BH comms was just overkill. Grinding 7 HM FP's a week takes more work than 1 SM EC and more dedication to the time.

If you really care about gear progression, but can't handle HM Ops yet, then here's how you can progress:
Lvl 50
Regular D7, Battle of Ilum, False Emperor - for better gear
SM EV, SM KP, HM FP's, Dailies, Buy mods and such from AH with Daily Quest Credits

There are several ways to get Dread Gear w/out even setting foot in HM TFB. You can get credits and wait for them to sell on the AH? Don't like the price? Then do the hardest content. It's that simple. You can either put in more effort or more time to get Dread Gear. And let's not forget that Dread Gear isn't even fantastic. The itemizations are terrible so buying the pieces off the AH may be smarter than running HM TFB over and over (like Marauders who need 10 freakin' belts just to get BiS for their Mod - good job FailWare!)

Still, for people who are complaining about the loss of BH comms from easy-mode EC there's still plenty of ways to obtain BH comms. In the end, SM EC isn't even half of the BH comms you can earn in a week. This game and every other MMO is already going the way of catering to the casual. Just imagine playing 8 years ago in WoW when there wasn't an easy-mode of raids and the only way to get the best loot was to kill bosses in those raids... bosses that weren't killed the first night they were released to the public, but instead took months of time. Imagine that!

Yeah, those days are gone, and this is what we have now. I'm just trying to give those people crying some perspective on the matter.