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*shakes head*

I don't understand this Bioware policy of making it harder to gear up. All this does is encourage people not to run Story Mode. Wasn't it said earlier that by adding in the new Operation "Terror from Beyond" that getting more blackhole commendations easier and faster would be possible? That's not true if Story mode no longer gives any blackhole commendations.

I just don't get it. I respectfully request you change this back.

Don't try all this complaining will do is nothing they won't ever give us the real turtth have yet to and will alwys two step us sadly .... I really want to play Sw but the way its heading im less and less and more amd more looking at wow again .. they al least have real gear . and a reason to play at end game id still play wow but it got real old over time for me .... to me this is the worst thing they can do to end game and then won't gvie us a reason why .......... or reason that justfilys it ...