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I honestly don't think people on this server care about "firsts" for raid kills. As far as I know EI got two server firsts in 16-TFB HM but I don't even know if that's true because there could be some guild that did it before us and didn't bother posting in this thread. And clearly we don't care because we're not altering our raid schedule to get extra days in to beat someone to a kill.

I might go a step further and say the vast majority of people playing SWTOR don't know or care who the top guilds are in progression raids and that the people who do care about that are leveling pandas right now.
Completely agree with this. I think most of us care about getting the content down in a reasonable amount of time. I definitely follow what other people are killing but I have never posted what we have killed ourselves and from what I can tell, Envy doesn't either. I don't think its because nobody on this server cares, I just think everyone on the server is really humble. You hit the nail on the head when you said those people are off playing MoP, instead of worrying about who the top guild is.

When you think about it, can someone really be considered the top guild when they themselves are reporting the kills? If there's guilds that are not reporting their kills, that does not make them any better or worse than the ones that are. Maybe that's why the people who are most concerned about this are off playing WoW because tracking that is all automatic, whether you want it to be or not.
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