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09.28.2012 , 10:53 AM | #4
There was an issue on the PTS, that I included in my thread that also wound up getting buried, with BH mechanics. This includes 4 items, based on the arsenal spec:

1. "Free" Railshot: with the 4pc set bonus and talents, this is quite commonly not free any longer, at least consistantly. Randomly, it will still cost an additional 8 heat. There is no rhyme or reason i was able to ascertain. sometimes it would not happen for 5 or 6 railshots, and others it would be every railshot.

2. Target swapping: currently, there is alot more of this happening, which throws resource management out of whack. Wind up time & heat has always been an issue with multiple target swapping phases, but the new content makes this happen more often.

3. Insta-heal: The heal still uses heat, and if used, as with the "free" railshot not being free, throws the resource management out of whack.

Given the classes extreme reliance on careful resource management, the above have a heavy impact on the class in general, requiring more "filler" rapid shots. This is likely why you are seeing heat issues. I would recommend watching your heat during railshot procs.

The other non-heat related issue revolved around Unload Procs. The 2nd Mainhand tick does not appear to have the correct coefficients applied. For instance:

1. On Kephiss in TFB, when he gets the stacking debuff to take increased damage, the amount done for each of my 3 MH Crit attacks can be 14k, 4.5k, 14k.

2. On normal unbuffed attacks, crits are usually 4.5k, 2.5k, 4.5k.

While I reported this both in game, to the devs, and on the forums, the issues described above do indeed appear to be happening on live as well.

I'd be happy to provide the relevant sections of the parses if anyone is interested.