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originally i remember being told that the BH comms from Denova was so that every player could walk away with 'something' when you ran it. Because it dropped gear you already had to have to be there, and a couple pieces of bh at the end.

essentially this nerf makes it so that only 2 people (possibly one if they win both rolls) have an opportunity for a bh piece, and most often? it is an implant. What is the point of running these raids other than seeing the content?

can a dev please CLEARLY explain what they expect raid progression to look like? here is what it is in my head

HM Flash Points for CM
T-1 SM Ops - EV/KP - Columi Rakata Drop
T-1.5- HM Ops - EV/KP - Rakata Drop (no real progression)
T-1.75- NiM Ops - EV/KP - Rakata Drop (no progression at all without bh comms)
T-1.75 - SM EC - Rakata Drops + 1 BH piece (no progression for 7/8 members of the raid)
T-2 - SM TFB - Rakata Drops + 1/2 BH piece (it takes more than rakata to run this, so getting to this point is nigh impossible at being eligible for 1 or 2 pieces of bh per week out of 16 (2 raids) people
T-2.25 EC HM - Campaign Drops - Getting here is nigh impossible if it takes you MONTHS to get your BH set. Sure you can do it with 5+ pieces of bh and perfectly augmented and modded rakata, but you shouldnt 'have' to be elite to progress, you should just have to clear the last run over and over.
T-2.5 HM TFB - Dread/Hazmat = You need full campaign to run this. Modded and Augmented

This looks like failed progression from my point of view. Where I said 'no real progression' is where BH comms should be to make up for the lack of actual gear progression. and NiM T-1 Ops? absolutely no reason to run it except the title now, and lets be honest, the title is a cake walk if you wait till you have campaign to do it.
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