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One more time, people. Round 2 only starts with a shortened clock if Round 1 attackers reach the datacore. Otherwise, Round 2 will be allowed to go the full 7:30.

This sounds like a bug where in Round 2 the attackers make it as far as round 1 attackers but more quickly, triggering the end of the match (good so far...). However, it's treated as a tie and victory is awarded to round 1 attackers, who have the most kills because they were on offense for longer (this is the bug).
possibly. i mean, that makes the most sense. my only concern would be that my rnd 1 def team screwed up royally, and the opponents made it across the bridge very fast. they were then stonewalled at the 2nd door. I thought it took us longer to get the bridge shield down. alas, I don't have numbers on rnd 1 to verify.
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dealing over 50% of a target's health in a single GCD is just insipid in terms of quality of gaming experience.