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09.28.2012 , 09:16 AM | #60
There are less and less reasons to run old content, and for my new 50 characters more and more irritations on gearing up.

I think it is poor judgement to retro nerf things that should have been setup this way in the first place. I understand that SM's can now be ran in columi, and get rakata. That makes them truly tier 1, and that is great.

However SM Denova and SM TFB are not possible to run in columi, and only drop rakata except 2 BH pieces, one from each of the last bosses. So basically you have to be in Rakata Plus to run these, but there is no point to continually run them when you have 8 people with 12 needed bh items and only 2 items drop per run. Yes you can still do your dailies for comms, but the fact that you have nerfed the ability to get a full BH geared toon out to being MONTHS instead of weeks is detrimental to the community.

No bh in Tier 1? EV/KP? ABSOLUTELY

But once you get to SM EC you are now on par with the hard mode tier 1's, and already have full rakata. What is the point in running them?

Established 50's this isnt going to affect too much, but alts and NEW PLAYERS will be alienated by this change. And you people need MORE new players, not less.
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