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09.28.2012 , 09:01 AM | #1
Hi guys,

Yesterday we had what could easily be called a "ranked warzone day" on the republic fleet. We had up to four ranked groups preparing teams at the same time, with three joining queue continuosly. I participated in three ranked games, but some friends got as much as five, which is pretty good for one night (8 to 10pm central).

So the idea came up to set Thursday's Night as the official Begeren Colony ranked pvp night.

Feel free to discuss if there should be another day (Friday? Saturday?) in this official list, but it would be good to keep Thursday since I talked with many people that confirmed it's a good day for them.

Because there's no easy way to communicate with imperials, people find it easier to just get 16 people from same faction and join together (nobody likes the rwz queue). EH is doing what they call "kickball warzone" which is interesting, but I find the concept annoying because the whole point of pvping in SWTOR is playing pubs x imps. So we are hoping imperials will join us every Thursday. Reply if you like the idea and tell us your faction.

Suggested time frame is from 8pm to 10pm CENTRAL. So update your agenda: Thursday, 8-10pm central - Ranked Warzones.

* Some people are concerned about the top geared players showing up to get their comms on Thursdays. I think if we keep doing this we could later think of a strategy to make sure higher valor players play against each other, giving good chance to everyone. But for now, the idea is just to have ONE night when everyone could be sure ranked queue won't be taking too long...