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I do have an update on this issue. This change was intentional, and we'll be adding it to the patch notes. Bosses in Story Mode Operations no longer drop Black Hole Commendations in Game Update 1.4. Thanks to everyone who brought this up, and we apologize for the confusion over it.

And why ? or is that asking to much and plz no comments form others who really dont know . ... if it is to stop gearing up in end game gear then stop reing modes etc for the schamatic we can stil gear up in end game gear and not raid ... some one on my server is allready selling level 27 s . sorry about the venting but what re Dev thinking about if when F2p goes in the only way to raid and ware that gear is to sub why should it matter were BH conns drops .... if Subing maybe the only way to get alot of them .... I won't be runin SM EC any more no reason to even the mats are not worth the waste of time and nor will I run NIM KP any more no point in it any more other then maybe the mount or hat im told the hat drops in hm to so why run NIM ... and why even have the weekly SMs give BHs sigh ...