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I agree with Wraiven 100% and it shocks me that there aren't more people that do.

Leaving warzone for rage quitting is the same thing as leaving for a GF pop so y bother removing it at all? Doesn't make any sense to me. My solution for my 50 was queue GF and didn't even bother PVP'ing at all in protest.

This post below make a nice point though about a possible change that would benefit both parties but it isn't a complete solution.

Quote: Originally Posted by LordRahlik View Post
Well, I can cheer cause I think the Group Finder sucks anyway and I really really don't want it in any game. It was a disaster when it was implemented in WoW and it has not been any better here.

BUT - moving on, what is the problem of doing this:

Queue for both.
PvP pops - do the PvP match.
Queue for both.
PvP pops - dot he PvP match.
Queue for both.
Perhaps a flashpoint pops?

Is that a huge problem?

Edit, addition:
After thinking about it, an even better way would be that you cannot get invited to a group of PvP while doing FP or invited to a FP while doing PvP, but you remain on the top of FP list if one should have popped for you while you were doing a WZ.

What I mean is that you keep your queued time but the pop can only happen between FP/PvP for the other.