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Like everyone here we went *** at the droids but it appears they have just fixed it so its now how it should have been.

Anyways we did the same as some of the other posters 4 DPS on mid droid tank and healer on other two for interrupts etc and when we did that wasn't to hard to be honest. It does affect slightly the timing for the first bomb guy but after that we found it was the same as always after that..

I liked the droids were not a complete faceroll anymore to be honest
Well tbh atm it's too difficult for people in plain rakata gear. Requiring even the healers to interrupt is a bit too much... They should raise the timer for the shot to 6, 7 seconds so just 2 people per droid are needed to interrupt all the shots. With 12 second interrupts atm you need at least 3 people for each droid in most cases

[Edit: AND, most important, fixed or not, this is quite of a big deal and it wasn't reported in anyway. This should not happen]