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Also another post, lets see if ppl agree with me on this, as Server firsts kills should be considered from time taken on killing a boss, wish they had a way to do that, would be awesome, cus sometimes first just meant someone who started earlier and / or spent10 hours raiding, when other prob did in 5 hours less, starting late night lol >_<
I honestly don't think people on this server care about "firsts" for raid kills. As far as I know EI got two server firsts in 16-TFB HM but I don't even know if that's true because there could be some guild that did it before us and didn't bother posting in this thread. And clearly we don't care because we're not altering our raid schedule to get extra days in to beat someone to a kill.

I might go a step further and say the vast majority of people playing SWTOR don't know or care who the top guilds are in progression raids and that the people who do care about that are leveling pandas right now.
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