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What you are most likely experiencing is the Group Finder queuing people up as a class they are not. For an example, I can not tell you how many times my DPS Merc (Even though I carefully selected him as DPS *I have video to prove this...had to make a video because people kept acting like I had no idea how to use the Group Finder Properly when I reported it as a bug) and instead of it queuing you as DPS, it would queue you as a Healer.
Same here, after 6 months, they STILL didn't fix that bug. If you select DPS on a advanced class that is DPS or healer or on an advanced class that can pick between DPS and tank, the GF randomly changes your role (unless you are the group leader or a healer/tank groups with you).

This is bugged for months.

But, apperently, having a party Jawa is more important to the game than this: bugs that don't affect their precious favored hardcore guilds aren't important to them, I suppose.
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