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09.28.2012 , 03:44 AM | #20
Guild Name: Hatred
Boss Downed: Operator XI
Difficulty & Raid Size: 8m HM
Screenshot: [Link]
Time: 12:01AM EDT - 09/28/2012

Guild Name:Hatred
Boss Downed: Kephess the Undying HM
Difficulty & Raid Size: 8m HM
Screenshot: [Link]
Time: 1:23AM EDT - 09/28/2012

We killed Keph a few minutes before but as you can tell from the picture some of use just don't now how to face the right way...

**TFB - Best Ops by far in terms of look and feel all the way to the difficulty of the fights! Terror!!! Look out! You clock is a ticking! >

***PS - Carl learn patience. Nough Said.
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