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09.28.2012 , 03:39 AM | #19
As far as no one really Cares untill Last boss for whole ops Server first, would Rly preffer Pictures of Kill incluiding times... i dont think anyone is lying for those who didnt post pics for your kill, maybe/prob have that and vid, would preffer if u do, instead of just claiming an hour with no proof (just showing last boss progress from that day, maybe not showing right time on other kills).
As well as picture taken of boss dead Right at the kill, where hour doesnt mistake, cus ppl can just easily go day after at certain hour open lockout/codex Show Hard codex, take a pic at 10 (when it actually was 11.30 pm or 3am of next day) idk, saying it was day earlier... just to help proof... pic of the kill with time taken // pics on every kill you Claiming hours

Other than that... Hatred 4/5... someone will be updating forums soon.. 4/5 kill i messed up in the pic, scrolled down after a whisp.. so i took photo of lockout as well(should be posted) can take picture of Dread guard pants / codex / W/e u want for it

Good luck Everyone... Great Post