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The reason us haters are here is coz we love the game too and do not want it to die out. You cannot deny that there are some things very wrong with this game. take this for example, I did GF EV SM somedays back, no BH comms which is fairly normal, sent in a ticket stating that I was ops leader, time of raid etc, and got a reply saying please provide with name of ops leader

happend again on KP SM, sent in a ticket saying raid leader was X, no comms etc, forgot to mention the raid time. Got a reply saing please provide raid time, replaied saying my mistake raid was at blah blah time, and got a reply saying, and I Quote, "We cannot discuss the details of someone else's account with you".

Now imm not raging, or gonna quit the game over this, ill get the comms, 10 less wont be the end for me with 3 full campaign toons, but for some people this could be a major issue. How can u expect peopl who pay to get a service be happy with sub par effort from BW. Will you not go abck to any store if what you bought does not work as you were told it would?

As I said, us "haters" love this game to but feel its our duty to let BW know of the issues, something in the strongest possbile way, that we need them to lift their game so that we can enjoy a game we really really love playing.

Look, as it was said - this is valid "performance point" and should be addressed by customer service, indeed. You just got crappy service and I know what i am talking about cos I work in CS related area. - I would suggest submitting it to higher instance (TL or something as an example of misunderstanding or no will to really help you).
Anyways. this is not "hating" or "trolling".

Pandas - we have official name for all that "serious players" now?
I also enjoy this game as much as I can.
Tython is EPIC.
Voss is..MYSTIC.

The fleet is..flooded
But i love it.
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