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Personally I haven't noticed any difference from before.

Why do you split the DPS? Why not just have a tank interrupt a droid each, and send the 4 DPS on their "own" droid? Surely 4 DPS can handle interrupts between them, and the debuff synergy means that stacking DPS on 1 target is more effective.
Buff casts every 6 seconds, and has a .5s channel
Buff adds 12% damage, 12% mittigation
Buff stacks LINEARLY

Tanks have an 8-12s timer on their interrupt typically as far as I am aware (IANATank, I am a Sentinel)

That is BAD.

If you split DPS, you have a greater chance of managing the debuff BUT you have a greater chance of getting wiped out by the damn barrage

This really is just a poor, poor choice on the part of the devs.

Anyone know if this was on the PTS?
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