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09.27.2012 , 11:23 PM | #73
I would love to see BIOWARE explain why they think this is a good idea and how making people so upset they don't que anymore for either PVP or FP is going to help the game. I have a 46 OP healer and i sat for 45 mins to get in a FP. As a healer i have never had to wait more than 5 mins maybe 10 mins tops. Please BIO can we get the one Dev that thought of this genius idea to comment? God forbid i have a DPS that whats to run a FP now that isn't level 50. That pretty much has gone out the window on my server. Who really wants to wait 2-4 hours to maybe get into a FP?

Is this what the Dev's think is fun? Between the loading times on certain planets and having to travel 10 mins to do a 5 sec quest and then travel 10 mins back (because you used your quick travel on the last quest) they should call this game TIME WARS. Im fighting the clock more than anything here cause most of us have a real life and just want to spend a hour or two to unwind from that.