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Also were is the TFB Level relic that were on the PTS that did not go live . so this may not be a bug at all they may plan to make TFB and the other places reward them some how, other then the weekly . At least i hope thats what it is . . IF not then why SUb for that matter why even play Swtor i like to raid and plan to keep subing but if this is ment to be its a bad move on there part . and another kick in the face at the guy that pays to play the game to raid . . well wait and see i guess ......
They commented on this on the live stream, the 400 comm relics weren't meant for live and accidently ended up on the pts. Here's the link , and here is the direct quote.

Q: With the coming new 1.4 Update, what is the reason behind relics that cost 400 Daily Commendations but only marginally better or new Black Hole gear that costs 350 Black Hole Commendations
The side effect of PTS is that occasionally items that are not intended for live made it up there and unfortunately that specific item was the case of that. So that item in particular is going to be removed, reviewed, and hopefully a better version will come out in a future update.
Mind you this begs the question of why the hazmat implants somehow made it to live seeing as they offer just as much of a marginal stat boost for what is a similar amount of comms.