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granted revan has gone thru alot i wouldnt call him a loose cannon yet. its just not characteristic of him but then again who knows wat goes on in his mind.
Revan is the very definition of a loose canon or wild card... you never know what he might do next and he flip flops between light and dark as often as he should be changing his draws

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I have a theory on what happened to Revan. Upon death, Force users usually explode in a flash of light. I believe this happened to Revan. In SWTOR beta, players could loot Revan. Then they complained that they didn't like that you could loot him. So I think they changed it so players wouldn't loot him. I'm betting Revan will appear as a Force ghost if my theory holds up.
well he actually still has a small chunk of his health bar when he disapears so I doubt it's him dying and returning to the force... other than the fans complaining I'm sure they did it the way they did so that they leave the option open to bring him back at some point if they so choose
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