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I am not a hater. I'm not bias to anybody except Plo Koon. If following canon facts makes me a hater then fine. I'll be the first to admit it. And now you fall to insults as your Revan idol comes crashing down. Sad...

Anyway. Jedi and Sith cannot be neutral. The Force is not some moral guideline. The Light Side is peace and tranquility. The Dark Side corrupts. A Jedi who tries to do both will fall to the Dark Side. As we saw with Revan. After escaping the Emperor, the mighty infallible Revan fell to the Dark Side.

There are no grey Jedi. Jolee Bindo is not a grey Jedi. He was a Jedi that left the Order and lived as a hermit. He did not leave the Light Side.

I respect your opinion and I'm fine with you liking Revan. BUT! Do not come onto a debate, completely ignore established canon while using lies to support your own argument. It does a disservice to the character as well as your character.

And GL has already said who is the strongest. Sidious and Luke. G-Canon. Absolute Star Wars law.
O M G. first of all ur the one who started slinging insults. check ur post. 2nd look up grey jedi. starkiller (if we included him) would be grey as well. new form obviously not sith nor does he act it but does evrything a sith can do with no negative effects. and wat is and isnt canon is always gonna change ie. the clone wars will most doubtedly conflict with other previous works. luke's power was spend up exponentially not because he's a genius but because the movie is only two hours long. i cant take anything he's done in the movies seriously. btw i dont speak in lies, i may be sith aligned but have no reason to lie to ppl idk so u have no right to comment on MY character. and if u provide a concrete qoute that he said theyre the strongest in SW history then and that theres no way revan can beat either then i'll concede. and revan didnt fall after fleeing the emperor. idk why u think that. ur turn.
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