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the Je'daii, who were the forerunners of the Jedi, were grey... they used both sides (tho probably not simultaneously) and lived in peace like that for generations... they never all fell to the darkside and managed to do it for around 10,000 years... hell they exiled anyone who "fell" to far into either the lightside or darkside to one of their moons to meditate till they found "balance" again... now while it ultimately lead to war because some thought one side more powerful or better than the other so went extreme that was over differing philosophies and not any actual physical reason

now while Luke and other Jedi have said JEDI can't be neutral that doesn't mean it's impossible as proven by the others who have done it... it just means the Jedi, because of their specific philosophies, can't do it... and, imo, the fact that others could do it means that technically a Jedi could but I think they just said they couldn't for the same reasons they had the rules against marriage... because it COULD turn out bad so better to be safe and just axe it all together...

but ya by Lucas's words Sidious and Luke are the most powerful Jedi and Sith ever to exist so they win all "what if" fights... love it or hate it canon is canon
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