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I am so glad you made this post. I was about to tear his world down before you made those posts.
ive come to the conclusion that ur just a hater. i no longer even care what u have to say in regards to my words cuz u only see ur own point of view. ur like a force severed miraluka.... just completely blind.

revan utilized both sides of the force without bein particularly swayed by either side. yea he's a "jedi" again but irl u cant be any more neutral. and its not a requirements to dwell on multiple emotions to use a power. just easier. gray jedi existed and thats a fact (jolee bindo prime example).. whether or not they were trulty neutral is irrelevant, they believed so as well as others.
the point of this thread im sure what to explain why u think ur right not to say everyone else is wrong. OPINIONS ARE OPINIONS. if u want a fact on who's strongest ask george lucas.
"Evil is an illusion, there is only victory."