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He wasn't on Mandalore's ship, of course. Don't think a traitor's son would be welcome there.

Mandalore makes an offer for me to join his clan when he sees the evidence of my victory against the beast. I accept. I don't care for being part of a large family or their pathetic honour. I join because I know there will be benefits: money and connections. Important connections.

And the coronation ceremony and celebration is almost fun. Meet the other three Grand Champion's of Hunt's past. I don't care for them. Especially the Zabrak woman, Jewl'a Nightbringer. Bloodworthy and the droid seemed tolerable for now. Not sure I like Mandalore though. Even though he 'likes a woman who isn't afraid to get her knuckles bloody.' Think that comment is basically why I don't. I'm not here to be liked. But I am smarter than to refuse. Might need allies for awhile in the galaxy and they could cause trouble otherwise. Plus. Pay is good. Very good.

When I make it back to the ship, Mako and Gault are still awake. I'm in a surprisingly good mood. Basically means I don't have the urge to shoot anyone. Not even Mako.

'Ah, thank goodness your back. I was getting lonely for female companionship.'

Mako glares at him. 'Two things, Gault: Ew, just ew. And hey! I'm female.'

Gault gives her a once over and shakes his head. He grins at me and spreads his hands wide. 'I rest my case.'

I laugh and sit on the floor. We make a strange triangle. Should probably buy couches or chairs one day. Got more than enough money. But such comforts don't mean much to me. This freedom is enough.

Mako is eager to hear the news, though. 'So, come on, what happened? What was Mandalore like?'

'He was an oppressive jack ***.' I shrug. 'Just like any man.' Mako giggles a little and it makes me notice the empty bottles for the first time. I look back at her and wonder how I didn't realise the disarray of her short brown hair, the unbalanced movements of her slim body and the general stench of the room.

Gault makes a short protest to my statement. I wave him away. 'You're existence only proves my point, 'Gault'. Anyway, I've become part of his clan. You are now looking at an official Mandalorian.'

Gault whistles. 'You've just made yourself a lot of friends.'

I grin at him. 'I know, Gault. They were my thoughts exactly. We also got a new job along with it. A Black List bounty. Big leagues.'

'And big credits.' Gault's greed is almost palpable. Don't think Gault is much different from his old name of Tyresius Lokai. Maybe a little more real. Definitely not as big a fish. Gault was a target and I spared him. He works for me now. We gave them a clone instead. Still think about killing him though. Suppose for now he's useful. But there's always tomorrow...

I nod. 'I'll toast to that.' He throws me an unopened bottle and we raise them at each other. Mako just shakes her head a little, but it turns into a drunken sway. I raise my eyebrow at Gault and motion to her. Light weight, I mouth to him. He snickers and nods.

'Wow. Black list bounty. Big leagues doesn't even cover it. You have no idea what this is.'

I glare at her. I hate her presumption of what I do and don't know. She stiffens in fear. 'Let me guess, Mako. You've searched the holo net a thousand times and all you could ever find or hear of about the list were rumours. Trust me, Mako. There's a lot out there you don't know.'

She goes to make a retort but something in my voice or words stops her. She gives me a curious searching look and nods. 'I'll get to work on decoding it. Night.' She reels away drunkenly. I hear her pass out on her bed.

I stay up with Gault. We talk of all the credits that are coming our way. I don't care for credits like Gault does. They are a necessary means to an end.

And that end is revenge.