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Can anyone confirm this?
I'll get to the Nameplates in a sec Ybini.

Add my name to the list of users having the same choppy gameplay issues since 1.4.. GTX 580 SLI setup here.

I tried a number of things last night to improve the situation taken from various threads I found in the forums.

- Disable shadows ( little to no improvement )
- Disable SLI ( little to no improvement )
- Fullscreen Windowed mode ( little to no improvement )
- Disable Nameplate scaling ( significant improvement but the games still very choppy when swiveling / panning the camera or just moving around in general. )

I found the worst drops in framerate and choppiness occured on the bridge of my ship looking out of the windows, it was so bad that it took me 3 attempts just to run out off the bridge.. I kept hitting the walls around the doors lol

I ended up leaving SLI on and Shadows off but also turning off Nameplates entirely ( The Huge Non Scaled Nameplates just didn't cut it.. sorry Bioware ) just so that I could raid with my guild last night. The choppiness gave me a headache but I was able to see it through.

If you would like us Nvidia users to use a compatible Driver Revision for your new Shadow Tech + SLI.. please suggest one so that we may try it.