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Guild Name: Suckafish
Faction: Empire
Guild Website:
What we cover: PVE/Operations/Progression
Guild Master: Eudorus
Guild Officers: Maylstrom, Tigg, Gorband, Harrow, Curvvy
Voice Comms (Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo): Ventrilo
Operation Days/Times: Tuesday-Thursday - 6:30 - 10:00 Server Time (Pacific)
Operation Progression: 5/5 NiM EV, 5/5 KP NiM, 4/4 EC HM, NiM Pilgrim, 5/5 TfB HM - All 8 Man. Except NiM Pilgrim which is 16 man.
PvP/Rated Warzones: N/A
Recruiting (Yes/No): Yes. Good Players with an average gear level of 140+
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): Maurader, Sniper, Operative Healer, Mercenary DPS and Healer, Assassin Tank.
About Us/Description/Info: :