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09.27.2012 , 03:41 PM | #17
We did this just a couple of hours ago... It definitely feels different, and we wiped and actually had to study tactics for something we just roflstomped through...

That said, that was the only change we noticed, though due to incredible lag both on the server and on some of our raiders (cursed night, it appears), we couldn't complete the encounter.

What we did is, get 4 dps on the middle one, and one tank and one healer on each of the other two, for interrupts, then get one dps on another droid and the other 3 on one as well, and so on. It was definitely slower and it seems that the interrupts are quite slow, even with 4 people on one droid we did miss some shots (possibly due to server lag).

Still, doable, though we're in full min maxed bh/campaign gear so guys in plain rakata may have a much harder time than before.