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Actually, MULTIPLE Threads on PTS about this.

Crazy... 10X increase for implants that can be related stat increases like that of Tionese gear to Columi gear.

I agree it should be more than 35 BH Comms, but not 350. Maybe 45-50 is reasonable for cost/increased stats.
yeah, honestly, with the amount of BH comms being dropped everywhere now, even 70 for one would be fine, that way it's still 10 more than the most expensive BH piece and basically double the price of the BH implants, but still reasonable. After all, once you're full BH geared, there's not really much else to spend BH comms on, unless you're gearing alts or gearing pets. 350 is a joke though, it really is, it's almost as bad as the 2000 fleet comms for the inheritence legacy stuff on the fleet vendor, which is still the biggest price derp in the game, imho.
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