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09.27.2012 , 03:37 PM | #4
Good news, the interrupt is great.

Bad news:

Cryo grenade change is a terrible idea. We are a ranged class predicated on the concept of standoff and being a base of fire. We cannot maintain standoff for any period of time now nor can we shape the battle from our normal firing position. We are now overrun without the ability to control. I also don't have a control option for snipers now unless we are all within 10m. This design, development, and testing was completely ineffective.

Knockback: I ran two commandos through multiple warzones last night and finally quit. At no time did I want and could use a root. I was either rooted/snared so a root was pointless, but a knockback would have helped. There were several times I could have used root to an effect in huttball, but I would have rather had a knockback to get the better effect of knocking them off the catwalks. Again, poor thought process, poor design, poor development, and ineffective testing.

I am giddy with anger.