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I am not going to promote or encourage you to join my guild in this post. But I want to point out the issues with the concept of a solo guild.

A guild by its nature is designed to aid its members through the various aspects from sharing resources to helping form groups to complete missions. Now I am not saying you can't solo or do some items like flashpoints with who ever you gather at that moment, but the concept and need to solo everything is not always an option.

This being the case the question arises on the following:

1. How would a guild bank benefit or hinder a solo concept guild?
2. What would be the real gain from being in SOLO, versus another informal guild (e.g. those previously mentioned and others like mine)?

Now do not get me wrong, the concept is a noble one especially if you consider that some of the players start out on the starting planets without the understanding of help. So would this not be the same here?
Excpectations. From what I've been able to gather, most Guilds exist to get to end game and do Ops, Flashpoints, etc.

The kind of guild I had in mind when I posted this would be there for the social aspects without the expectations of group play. A resource for solo players to ask for help from likeminded players, without having to worry that they're not 'supporting the Guild' or anything because they preferred to go off and do their own thing instead of grouping. And maybe, just maybe, if they wanted to dabble in Ops or Flashpoints, they could again have an immediate resource of likeminded individuals to call on, with the understanding that most of the players want to play a majority (but not all) the time.

Just because we like to solo doesn't mean we want to divorce ourselves entirely from the other social aspects of being in a guild.

Since posting this, I've found an Imperial Guild that fit for my solo alt (it fell into my lap), but the fact is that I, and at least a small percentage of players out there, want a different kind of guild than is usually presented or advertised on the forums. If you read the ads, they might talk about about casual guilds, but then immediately say 'we do Ops and FP'. That's not a selling point for me, it's a turn off.
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