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09.27.2012 , 03:12 PM | #33
People need to realize that this isn't a Star Wars movie or book. It's an MMO and must be played accordingly.

It's like playing City of Heroes and expecting everyone to treat you like you are Superman. Superman is only Super because he's the only one in the world. In an MMO based on superheroes, he's just one of thousands and any defference to him would need to be adjusted accordingly.

The same applies to Sith (and Jedi). The only way they can be played "by the book" is to ignore the fact that there are a dozen other Darths or Masters in the same cantina. The only logical alternatives are to either ignore 99% of the playerbase and play as the uber-Darth with your circle of friends, or to assume that since you are just one of many, that you are no longer uber.