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09.27.2012 , 02:55 PM | #5
its ********.. and a scoundrel scarpper is melee so dont compare please.

From playing yesterday this is a HUGE nerf, and I have no protection from gunslingers now.. im getting popped hard because i lift they break, then i have nothing because in balance tey are ranged so my roots dont allow me kiting and at 35 metres ranged they have me dead before i can get out of range.

It is a MASSIVE nerf, no two ways about it., and to a class strugglign to survive it was necessary for us to have as protection.

If they wanted to not makign it OP with other new skills the stun should be speccable to 30 metres in the balance tree, to even out the fact balance has very little survival skills compared with telekinetics stun bubbles, root knockback etc.