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09.27.2012 , 02:42 PM | #3
The interrupt is certainly nice, I have already made good use of it so far (PVE). I do absolutely hate the lose of my knock back with stock strike though, the root is almost completely worthless. Even if I use it then use concussion charge the root runs out just as the target touches back on the ground .... worthless. On top of that, how am I supposed to fight if I root someone (for 2-4 wasteful seconds) and am expected to run away. By the time I run out of range the root is gone and they are after me again. The nerf to cryo grenade distance is a bad call, I didn't use it to create distance but to keep it. Again, why would I want to stick someone right next to me that forces me to move and not be able to cast my attacks? As for the instant AMP with the buffs for high impact round well, it is alright. I never used to bother with off healing but now I just might pop an AMP every now and then. I still wish they would have made it for MP instead of AMP since AMP already has a short cast time and is certainly weaker. I am not a combat medic so I cannot comment much on the changes there.
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