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In 16 man hard mode TFB there is a cave (You can find the cave gaurded by several beasts... between the 1st and 2nd boss beneathe a bridge) that displays the text "You feel a chilling presence" which does not occur for SM or 8m HM.

If everyone has the dread guard mask that drops from dreadtooth, and one person has the amulet that drops off of 10 stack dreadtooth, someone can use the amulet and summon this bonus boss (Dreadful Entity) to get the "Dread Slayer" title and an orb. You can use this orb to summon a powerful aura around you or another (enemy or PC)

not sure what the orb is for. Someone dropped this hint:

"The orb is a gateway to something more. You will find it where they scream together in the darkness of your mercy. "

World First goes to Carnage Gaming.

Looks like the stairs before Thrasher in SnV will also harbor a secret boss.