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I actually run my own site . Pre-launch we had a lot of good up to date information and this continued until changes in 1.1. People simply have no idea the time that is taken to do something like this or the extreme amount of information a game like this contains. We have a quest guide from level 1-20 and that took me about 3 weeks to do that.

My site is add free and I did it as a fun project. As time goes on people are less likely to contribute and in my case I'm not going to drop 3-4 hours of my nightly free-time to update it. I'd rather PLAY the game.

TORhead is probably your best resource. I've never found an issue with the stuff contained there, your comments about the site have no merit. I don't go there to see people's comments or use their forum, I use their database.

And btw, if you actually checked yourself you'd see the 1.4 items are updated and in their database.
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